A Tough Deal For Online Poker Nevada


Online poker in Nevada has been dealt a serious blow with the closing of Ultimate poker. The governors of Nevada and Delaware have signed an agreement allowing residents in both states to play poker against each other. It should be noted that other states can join in the agreement as long as all parties agree. The overall future of online poker in Nevada has been in question since the Ultimate Poker went belly up. WSOP.com is owned by owned by Caesars Entertainment Corp and is the dominate online poker provider for Nevada. Without its name recognition, it probably too would be a thing of the past as well.

What’s the problem with Nevada’s online poker situation? The first thing is, Nevada is known as a gamblers paradise. There’s a poker game everywhere you look in the state. If you’re looking to lose your money, there’s a fine establishment that’s willing to help you. The second is, lawmakers in the state are dragging their feet in terms of online gambling in general. Harry Reid is seen as a roadblock, but soon he’s going to retire. It doesn’t seem that anyone in the state is all-in when it comes to making sure that everyone can legally gamble online.

The next question is one that everyone has on their mind. What can Nevada do to ensure that its residents can play online poker? The short answer to legalize online gambling entirely. The long answer is, online poker rooms generally can’t make it on their own. The operators need money from other forms of gambling to support their business. By not allowing full online gambling, it’s cutting down the amount of poker rooms that will be available. Everyone must realize that what we’re talking about at the end of the day is a business. For that business to stay afloat, they need revenues. The revenues alone from online poker simply isn’t enough to keep sites going. They need additional ways to make money or they’ll end up in the same situation as Ultimate Poker.

The future of online poker in Nevada has to change. The truth of the matter is, online poker has to change all over the United States. In fact, it needs to made legal country wide. This would give players the opportunity to play against each other. It’s great that a few states have allowed their citizens to play the game they love online. The problem is, there aren’t enough players to make it all happen. This will be especially true in the future when states with small populations legalize online poker. They aren’t going to have enough players to keep online poker rooms in business.

The only hope of online poker in America is to make sure everyone in every state can play. There’s simply no reason why people in one state can’t play against people in another. We’re living in the day and age when the click of a mouse can be transmitted with lightning fast speeds. A person in Los Angeles can play against someone in Boston just as easily as they can in Bakersfield. Limiting poker rooms to only allow residents of their state to play will in the end make it extremely difficult for their business to thrive.