BetOnline Horse Racing

Surrendering to the equestrian passion with BetOnline horse racing

Horse races have been the source of passion for many people since the dawn of time. This is why BetOnline provides its customers with the ability to bet on a wide variety of horse races from the comfort of their home.

Horse Betting at BetOnline

The Race book tab is located at the top of the BetOnline website. Clicking on it will reveal all the open races, which are available for betting. The horse’s name, the jockey’s name, and the odds are displayed. Clicking on the Horse Matchups menu will give you instant access to the Bet Slip, where bets can be placed.

Best horse racing odds

Payoff depends on the odds of the horses. The minimum payout is $2.20 for odds of 1-9. The maximum payout is $200 for odds 99-1. These numbers are based on a $2 bet. Negative pool hedges are not allowed, and any accounts that try to play in such a way will be suspended.

The odds can change fast, and they depend on the amount of money that is bet for certain horses. If a few minutes before the race a horse’s odds drop, this is a sign that a lot of money is being bet on the horse. Some people take this as a sign to bet on it.

Of course, odds are only a statistical tool. People can use this tool or they can rely on their own research and time spent studying the sport.

Sports book horse racing

There are a few tips that bidders should know about, when it comes to horse racing. First of all, it is wise to bid only 5% of the bankroll on a single race. This means that if a person has $100, the average bid should be about $5. Doing this will allow players to suffer consecutive losses without emptying their bankroll. Even the most experienced horse race bettors aren’t immune to a losing streak. Not spending the entire bankroll on a single bet will ensure that a user can easily rebound after a losing streak.

Best online horse racing odds and handicapping

Odds are not the only way a person can get an idea about what a horse is capable of. When watching a race on TV, online, or live, a person can carefully examine all the conditions before the race, even the ones that may seem unimportant.

Horse Betting at BetOnline

For example, paying close attention to the body language of horses can reveal how the race may go. Experienced people can make a big profit from handicapping. However, handicapping requires a big time investment. This means that placing small bets will not be profitable. Experts in handicapping usually take no shortcuts and analyze every horse and jockey before the race. Doing this significantly increases their odds to win. Handicapping in combination with odds analysis can be a very powerful tool, in the right hands.

Bet online with the leader in online horse racing

BetOnline is one of the leaders in online horse racing. If a person has a passion for the equestrian sport, he or she can easily find the right race. The horse race menu at BetOnline is easy to navigate, and bets can be placed quickly. Betting on horse races provides great entertainment for both novices and experts.