BetOnline Poker Review

BetOnline, the (not so) new kid on the block

BetOnline Poker had been around taking bets since the year of 1991, which is almost the same as saying since forever when it comes to online gaming and gambling. Black Friday might have left a bunch of orphans and BetOnline has come to offer fun and adrenaline to the US Players.

Play Poker Online at BetOnline

Betonline is a fine overall experience, both for Mac and PC players, which begins by signing up on the website: Once you’re done with that you get to the poker lobby where you set your filters (with convenient buttons instead of pop-ups) and then you are able to begin playing. The website is really functional, with even great sense when it comes to its design so you could say that it’s clear where to find everything you might need fast, and get to business.

Runs smooth too

We are talking about simple and smooth running software, one that allows you stay concentrated in what’s going on over the poker table. This also means that, since it doesn’t need to run annoying graphics it won’t use all your Internet connection or computer resources, or that you are going to be able to play even if your internet connection is not that great.

It may not be the most beautifully designed website, that’s fact; but another fact is that you’re probably not there for the looks of the place, but because of what’s going on in it. We are talking about a new and relatively small online poker room, not about monsters like Poker Stars, which is actually the king of poker sites.


This is a relatively new poker-playing site and, though there are a large number of Americans seeking for new poker rooms, it’s still a quite small one, so there’s good opportunity for promotions and free rolls.

Every day they offer 3 one hundred and 1 two hundred free rolls and over $150.000 in monthly guaranteed tournaments.

Football time is here right now and of course there’s some special offers regarding the NFL activities, so keep an eye out for these special opportunities.

Between the two sit and go leader boards BetOnline offers and accumulated of $50.000 prize pool and there are also three based on buying’s separate leader boards: a bronze one (ranging from $.05 to $.99), a silver one (from $1 to $9.99) and finally a gold one (from $10 and up), and if a player makes four of a kind he or she will receive a $40 bonus. Prizes are ready to claim, you just have to email to when “Four of a Kind Day” can be read in the poker lobby.

You can find out about the latest BetOnline bonuses and promotions here.