Vegas Man Fined In Illegal Online Poker Game


Bryan Micon has accepted a plea agreement that will give him 2 years of probation and a fine of $25,000 dollars. What did Micon do to have this punishment dealt his way? He operated the online poker site ”Seals with Clubs”. Many of you have at least heard of this site before. While some of you may have even played a hand or two there. It was an online poker room that allowed players to deposit and play with bitcoin. What is bitcoin? It’s a form of digital currency that people use to buy goods and services on the internet. The currency is only available online and its totally digital. There are no paper or coin versions of bitcoin as it’s strictly for use on the internet.

Bitcoin has been seen by some as a means to accept online poker transaction. The reason for this is, credit card companies don’t want involved in providing billing for online poker rooms. They see it as risky and in most states it’s illegal. What happens when an entire industry doesn’t have access to the financial tools to make it viable? They turn to something like Bitcoin. That’s a problem and the poker community needs to see it for exactly what it is. It’s the canary in the coal mine that many people have been concerned about.

There are plenty of people using bitcoins online legally and lawfully without any problems. Bitcoin isn’t all that innocent though. It’s used to process funds for drugs, black market items, and even terrorists use it. Simply put, no online poker player should be forced to use bitcoins to play a few hands of cards. This is truly a back alley that no one wants to go down. Bitcoin is unregulated and many people are ripe to be taken advantage of due to that. The process of obtaining bitcoins isn’t exactly easy and it in itself leaves poker players exposed to potential fraud.

This is the road we go down when people want to make innocent things illegal. It’s only going to get worse from here if something isn’t done about it. It should be common sense to most people reading this that making online poker illegal isn’t the answer. All it does is bring in shady characters that will use every trick in the book to scam people. It’s a no brainer that the public loses when people turn to something like bitcoin to fund their poker accounts. It’s beyond time for the public and lawmakers to take action on this issue.

Let’s be clear about something right now. Bitcoin in itself isn’t bad and no one here is talking down about it. We believe online poker should be legal and regulated. If people want to use bitcoins, that’s their business. With that said, no player should be forced down a road where using bitcoins is their only option. The average internet user has no idea how to buy or safely store bitcoins. Leaving them ridiculously vulnerable to be taken advantage of. This is unexceptable and it’s a direct response to making online poker illegal for Americans.