Online Poker Legislation from Regulated States – 5 Lessons To Be Learned



Three states have currently legalized online poker. Those states are Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Here we’re going to discuss the top five most important things online poker legalization has taught us. There has been a few ups and downs along the way. No legalization process is totally without its hiccups.

Online poker is here to stay and it’s only a matter of time before more states legalize it. The important thing to remember is that legalization brings regulation with it. Legalization gives the government and regulators an opportunity to look under the hood and make sure everything is legit. It’s for this reason alone that everyone should be in favor of legalizing poker online.

Starting From Scratch Can Be Next To Impossible

There are many reasons for this and we’ll discuss a few of those. First off, poker software isn’t exactly easy to create. It takes quite a bit of investment in both time and money.

Building anything from the ground up when it comes to software requires a diverse team. You also need to have the ability to tap into an existing group of players. Without this, no one will have anyone to play against. After all, you’ve got to have an opponent when playing poker. This is why it’s important that people can play against opponents in different states and even other countries as well.

Players need to have the option to play other games. We have to remember that profit is important and businesses need it to stay alive. This is why gambling sites need to be able to offer more than just poker. They should be able to offer anything from slots to sports betting. Fantasy sports betting is big right now and they should be able to get in on the action. It’ll ensure that us poker players will have a place to play a few hands.

The Online Poker Industry Needs To Set Realistic Goals

It’s going to take awhile for online poker to catch on where its legal. No company should be surprised if growth is slow in the beginning. It’s important that both companies and investors realize this.

Legalizing online poker isn’t like turning on a faucet that pours out money. The money will come in time as the amount of players increase. It’s going to take awhile for players to feel like they can trust poker sites. Trust is earned and not handed to anyone on a silver platter.

With today’s technology it’s possible to prove someone’s age. The argument that online poker should remain illegal because children can play it is absolute hogwash. There are proven effective methods to ensure that children don’t gamble online. The truth is, this is just a scare tactic used when the other side has no other arguments. Children can be protected and adults should be given the ability to play poker if they so choose.

Regulation Takes Time

Lastly, everyone should remember that regulation takes time. Legalizing online poker isn’t like turning on a light switch. Even once it’s legalized it will be some time before you can play online. There’s an entire process that has to take place both on the government side and business side of things.

Governments are often slow and can take what seems like forever to get things done. Don’t lose hope and always stay focused on the game you love. Every person reading this deserves to have the ability to play poker at home online. The only way we can achieve that is by continuing to move forward on this issue that means so much to us.