The Man Who Brought Down Online Poker

danieltzvetkoffPoker players that remember Black Friday may be familiar with the name Daniel Tzvetkoff. For those who don’t know Black Friday happened on April of 2011. Hundreds of thousands of American players all of a sudden noticed they couldn’t access their favorite poker rooms. It wasn’t until later on that day that everyone what happened.

It was going to be something that would change the way Americans play online poker forever. Your ability or inability to play online poker today is directly linked to Black Friday. It changed the online poker world for many Americans and continues to do so to this day.

Daniel Tzvetkoff is the reason why all of this happened!

Basically, he was busted for money laundering and bank fraud. Tzvetkoff was running a company called Intabill which at the time was doing billing for several big poker sites.

It was also said that he stole 100 million dollars. It hasn’t been proven to this day if or how much he had stolen. The general consensus is that Tzvetkoff did in fact steal some money. The exact dollar amount is one’s guess.

Most criminals don’t like to do jail time if they don’t have to. Daniel Tzvetkoff is no different in this regard. Tzvetkoff knew he had some information that the government would quite interested in. Amazingly, he amassed 90,000 incriminating documents about three online poker sites. Those sites were PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. All of which were involved in the infamous Black Friday shut down. It seems that Tzvetkoff was able to avoid prison time by squealing on the activities of those three poker sites.

What is Daniel Tzvetkoff up to these days?

He’s back to Australia and involved in a business of some sort. Who knows if he’s actually stealing money again or anything like that. It’s safe to say that people who work around this guy should walk a straight and narrow path. After all, you never know when he could rat out a person. People like him can’t be trusted and he’s merely out for himself. That’s been evident since the very first second after he was arrested.

What was the impact of Black Friday on the world of poker? It pretty much signaled the beginning of the end for Americans playing poker online. It basically wiped out their ability to play the game they love. This was something that happened like flipping a light switch on.

There were no rumors that something like this was going to go down. Every player woke up to find out they didn’t have the ability to play poker. That would continue for quite some time. It wouldn’t be until some brave sites came out of the woodwork to allow Americans once again to play the game they love.

Hopefully this negative will be turned into a positive. It’s clear that Americans want to play online poker. That in itself should be enough motivation for governments and businesses to come together to find a solution. It’s not going to be easy and they won’t do it without pressure. It’s why every online poker player needs to be active and vocal when it comes to promoting the sport they love to play.