Who Are The TOP 5 Online Poker Money Winners?

Everyone knows there’s money to be made playing online poker. What most people don’t know is how much money the top guys are making. Here we’re going to tell you the top five money making online poker players.

A few of these names you’ll recognize as being top of the line pros, while others are more in the woodwork so to speak. The bottom line is, there’s money to be made online and these guys are the proof. They’re making big bucks and that means there are quite a few others that are as well.

1. Who’s First? Phil Ivey


Phil Ivey is a name that almost every poker player is familiar with. He’s won a whopping $19,242,743. Your computer screen didn’t just break on you. The numbers your eyeballs just read is correct. He has won over 19 million dollars playing poker. It’s a staggering amount of money but, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, Phil Ivey is one of the best players to ever play the game of poker.

2. Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius has won $11,315,549 playing online poker. He won a huge $1,356,947 pot playing against Swede Viktor. It’s hands like these that will make any person think twice about online poker. There are poker rooms in casinos that have never seen action like this before.


Every player out there dreams about being in a pot this big. Usually that dream has them turning over the winning hand and jumping up and down. The flip side of that is true when people have nightmares about playing poker. Needless to say, neither of these players aren’t afraid to put their money in the pot when push comes to shove.

3. Phil Galfond

The next player on our list is Phil Galfond. You’re more than likely not going to see him playing in any televised tournaments. He seems to focus mostly on his online play. Galfond also has several online ventures that involve poker. Chances are you’ve seen his name floating around at instructional websites. Galfond is more than a great player, he’s also a fantastic teacher as well.


Phil Galfond racked up $10,035, 683 in online winnings. He’s the guy you want to learn from when it comes to cashing out big.

4. Di Dang


Di Dang is another person that you’re not going to see often at live events. He recently opened a restaurant and also works with Phil Galfond as a poker instructor. Di Dang has won $7,411,127 playing online poker. He and his brother are both well known in the world of online poker. This guy is proof that you can also have a life outside of poker. As a restaurant owner, professional poker player, and instructor he’s juggling more in a day than most do in a week.

5. Daniel Cates

The last player we’re going to talk about is Daniel Cates. He’s won $7,299,700 playing online poker. That’s certainly not an amount of money to sneeze at.


It should be noted that Cates is someone that often plays on the live tournament circuit. You never know, he may just end up playing at your table. That’s what makes poker a sport like no other. Everyone has a chance to play against the top professionals when they play in a tournament.

There you have the top five biggest online poker players. Hopefully each and every one of these players will give you motivation to improve your game. There’s plenty of money to be made out there. It’s just a matter of you taking the game seriously and putting forth the effort to take your game to the next level.